Pitch Yourself Perfect

The Design Kids

“Welcome to the creative industry! Whether you’ve been here a year or two, just landed yourself a killer interview or are looking for a way in then you’re going to need to know how to sell yourself. You’ve got a strong portfolio but how do you ensure that you set yourself up for success, connect with your new peers and have a laugh while you’re at it?”

– Me, 2019

Working with The Design Kids is a lot of fun. As the hosts of the London Chapter we get to organise talks every month with some amazing agencies and talented creatives, the creme-de-la-creme of the creative industry – but we don’t always get to talk ourselves…

This month, we were invited by General Assembly to talk at their 2020 event – an event focussed on tackling the next decade with new skills and new visions, striving to create a better future.

We covered loads of points in the hour that we had, from networking and socialising in a professional setting, to surviving the Q&A section of an interview. We gave some tips on acting confident even if you don’t feel it inside, and some pointers on finding your place within this crazy, silly industry.

All of the talks that we host as The Design Kids provide a platform for graduates to approach us and ask all the nitty-gritty questions about the industry that they have burning in their back pocket. Our lovely audience at General Assembly had so many good questions after our talk, and one or two that threw us as well (as all good panelists should be).

Presenting creative projects is always difficult because it’s all so subjective, but we spoke a lot about how to craft a journey within your portfolio and encouraged our audience to show more than just their final executions (because showing your research, sketches and methods is so important!)

It was absolutely great to meet all you guys that came down, and I hope you can use our advice to really push yourself in 2020. Hope to see you at our next Design Kids event!

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