Back Her Business

NatWest: Back Her Business

NatWest spends a large sum of money backing female lead start-ups and helping them build themselves in to fully fledged businesses.

The creative team at VaynerMedia challenged NatWest to, instead of talking about their own initiative, put-their-money-where-their-mouth-is and pay it forwards to the businesses in question. I was the designer in a team of creatives making these such ads.

For the first business, MasterPeace (a wellness painting class based out of Victoria, London) we created an animation that demonstrated the adventures of the classroom. I designed a character that demonstrated the conceptual values that MasterPeace has, but that was also energetic and relatable in style.

Here is the finished advert:

The second business that I worked on for NatWest is an app called Mini-Meal Times. The app is designed as a workspace for parents to track their child’s diet and eating habits through, so that you can be sure you’re providing a balanced and nutritious meal for your little ones.

The art direction was designed as an homage to kids drawings – quite basic in colour and shape, with a texture reminiscent of crayon drawings. The colour doesn’t quite reach the lines, or goes over in places, as a child would when carefully drawing. This added an energy to the adverts that was right on target for the product.

I also created on-screen text for the advert, meant to be an extension of the same style and art direction.

Here is the finished advert: